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Why Do I Need a Copywriter?

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

The concept of hiring a copywriter can be a baffling one. The majority of us went to school, college, and further afield to accomplish an education, so paying a 'professional' to create content for you doesn't immediately resonate. You can write. You can create. What's the point?

Let me begin by explaining precisely what a copywriter can do for you.

A copywriter worth their salt has the ability to embrace your brand and create a cohesive voice that compliments it. For example, media agencies often like to create fun, light-hearted websites that attract creative types to their service. It makes sense when you think about it. Arty people are perceived as being wacky, mildly 'out there' individuals that tend to think outside the box a little more than the somewhat less creative. Therefore, if you're looking to attract like-minds, you need to resonate with a crowd that shares the same 'jam', so to speak.

On the flip side, a therapist or medical organisation needs to disclose their vast knowledge of a particular subject whilst reassuring readers that they are in perfectly safe hands. For this reason, their marketing strategies will adopt a more sobering and reassuring tone.

It's all just simple psychology really.

A copywriter can instinctively review your sector, service, and audience and establish the necessary tone to create an impact amongst potential users/buyers. With this understanding, a voice is created which is further applied to all aspects of your content.

You might still be wondering why you can't just bloody do this yourself. Well, let's consider a few things.

  • You're too close to your work. This is one of the greatest problems that we encounter in every aspect of our lives; relationships, work and so on. It can be difficult to hold an objective view of your work when you're living it every day. Sometimes, an observer can nail the issue at hand with relative ease.

  • You don't know your target audience. Of course, this is an absolute necessity when selling your services, but not everyone has a firm grasp of who they're appealing to. It is only when you know your audience that you can establish their voice; are they young/old? How do they communicate with their peers? What language do they use? In order to find the brand of your voice, you need to know precisely who it is that you're targeting.

  • You're smart as s***, but you struggle with words. This is one of the most common reasons that people use a copywriter. They know their trade inside-out. They have the qualifications and the experience, but they just can't seem to find the words to communicate it all. Normal. Boringly normal. You're not stupid.

  • You're certain that you can do it yourself and stubbornness prevents you from reaching out. Yep! Heard this one a lot. Sometimes, people feel that hiring a copywriter is a sign of weakness. Wrong! You hire a copywriter to polish your work, just as you hire a carpet-fitter to fit your carpet. You're human, not a super-hero!

Believe it or not, many people choose to use a copywriter due to time restraints. I receive many thrown-together pieces of work and get asked to make sense of them. Like every other copywriter, I can use the naffest attempt at scrawl to work with and build an engaging article.

Probably one of the most significant aspects of copywriting is that your brand is able to maintain its chosen voice throughout all marketing ventures. Imagine if John Lewis decided to simply advertise a few of their products in their annually famed Christmas advert. There would be uproar. Looting and everything.

"Where's the fluffy bear or the little snarly dragon that tells a story?" we'd all demand. "Where's the touching narrative with the emotive soundtrack?"

And that, my friend, is because of their brand. Us mortals have grown to hold certain expectations. much like your audience.

In time, your audience will start to expect a certain tone. They predict your next move, and that's a great thing! It means that they are fully consumed by your offering.

Let your words do the talking. The rest will follow.

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