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I’ve been crafting stories for as long as I can remember, but in 2016 I decided to take the plunge and dedicate myself full-time to the writing profession. At first, my focus was solely on creating fiction but soon opened to the world of copywriting and editing.


Since then, I’ve been very fortunate to have had my work featured in a variety of publications.

With a colourful career as an actress and a further delve into advanced study, at the age of 41 I found myself with a BSc in Psychology and a Masters in Crime, Terrorism and Global Security. Diverse much? Problem was, I absolutely loved all of it but couldn't decide how to blend it, so-to-speak. 

Decisions have never been my strong point! 

When a reputable counter-terrorism expert asked me to undertake some copy for him, it all unfolded in front of my eyes. I could utilise my talents and interests on the page in a range of extraordinary ways. 

I adore my work and I love writing stories. That's what everything is about when you really think about it - an unfolding story with a beginning, middle and end. All of the thoughts and feelings that are stuck in our minds can be expressed through wonderful words. 


I don't just chuck it all together and close the lid on my laptop, I pour my heart into it.


Words are everything.


They can create opportunities, empathise with anothers plight, devastate, counsel, endear or amuse. They can also make or break a damn good business, so they need to matter. 


I see stories in everyday life just waiting to be told and do my best to be the medium through which they reach the page. Copywriting allows me to change the tone; I can be really funny, alarmingly serious, enticing and cheeky or reassuring and hopeful. I can glance at a website and determine your voice. 

With that voice, I can create magic. Your phone will ring, your app will beep at you, and your emails will increase. 

Trust me. I'm a writer. 

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