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Published Blogs

If you'd like to read my published blog on the less formidable phase of perimenopause that is experienced by millions of women every day, I'd invite you to take a look. While menopause itself receives a world of attention, there is little dialogue regarding its pre-curser, despite this being a challenging period that tests the mental and physical strength of the strongest of women. 

I'm also deeply passionate, and constantly concerned at the eternally unfolding tales of eating disorders, and the lack of free help available. As a society, we should have a grip on such matters, yet it seems we have a long way to go. Read about my personal experience of Anorexia and how I worked to overcome this debilitating illness. 

We can all do our bit to help eradicate such destructive conditions; carefully selecting the words that we use is a great place to start. The word 'fat' isn't particularly helpful, and you can see why here.

You, Me and Anxiety invited me to guest blog a piece on a period within my life that shaped both my future and my mental 'complications!' There's even my tuppence-worth of advice for navigating your mental health journey. Feel free to peruse. 

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